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Yangquan No. 1 Prison

Yangquan No. 1 Prison is a prison in Yinying Town in Shanxi province of China. It is one of the largest prisons. It was founded in 1952. It is connected to Yinying Coal Mine, said to be a forced labour mine, which produces 1.38 million tonnes of high grade anthracite per year. In 1992 it housed 7000 inmates.

Taiyuan No. 3 Prison

Taiyuan No. 3 Prison is a prison in Nancheng District in Shanxi province of China. It is connected to a gas compressor factory. It was founded in 1952.

Taiyuan City Reeducation through labor

Taiyuan City Reeducation through labor is a labor camp in the Shanxi province of China. It is connected to Taiyuan Reeducation through labor Gujiao Center for Cooking. It is situated in Jiancaoping district of Taiyuan City.

Shanxi Experimental Secondary School

Shanxi Experimental Secondary School is recognized as the one of top high schools in Shanxi Province, P.R.China. Located across a street to the provincial government buildings of Shanxi Province in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Experimental Secondary School gains the largest budget among all the high schools in Shanxi Province each year from the government. It is also the only high school in Shanxi Province governed directly by the provincial education department other than the city education department. Shanxi Experimental Secondary School was founded in 1882 by Zhang Zhidong, a famous scholar, reformer, and official in the late Qing Dynasty.

The school is prestigious for its strict admission and its high education quality. In 2007, Shanxi Experimental Secondary School has the highest requirement of entrance score of the all the high schools in Shanxi Province in the provincial standard High School Entrance Examination. In the same year, the graduation classes have the highest average score in the National University Entrance Exam in Shanxi Province. The Chinese top universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University have early admission tests in Shanxi Experimental Secondary School each year, which is the only test location in the province. More than 50 students are admitted by the two top universities every year. Many students from Shanxi Experimental Secondary School are remarkable for the national and international science Olympiad competition awards, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Also, the school is famous for its international student exchange program. A large number of students have visited and studied in the colleges in Toronto, Sydney, Auckland, Edinburgh and London. Some of the graduating students are admitted by Stanford University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Toronto and other world-famous universities

Qiao's Compound

Located 30 kilometers north west of the historic city lies the historic Qiao family home of fame. Begun during the reign of the Qing Dynasty's Emperor Qian Long and finished in the eighteenth century, it is a courtyard estate covering 9000 square meters and having 313 rooms with 4000 square meters within 6 large courtyards and 19 smaller courtyards. From the air the it appears to spell out the Chinese word for happiness. Architects consider it to be one of the finest remaining examples of imposing private residences in northern China. It has been converted into a museum and has many period furnishings.

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Politics of Shanxi

The politics of Shanxi Province in the People's Republic of China is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

The Governor of Shanxi is the highest ranking official in the People's Government of Shanxi. However, in the province's dual party-government governing system, the Governor has less power than the Shanxi Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary , colloquially termed the "Shanxi CPC Party Chief".

List of Shanxi CPC Party Secretaries

Secretaries of the Shanxi Committee:
#Cheng Zihua : 1949-1950
#Lai Ruoyu : 1950-1952
#Xie Xuegong : 1952
#Gao Kelin : 1952
#Tao Lujia : 1952.12-1965
#Wei Heng : 1965-1967
#Liu Geping : 1967-1971
#Xie Zhenhua : 1971-1975
#Wang Qian : 197-1980
#Huo Shilian : 1980-1983
#Li Ligong : 1983-1991
#Wang Maolin : 1991-1993
#Hu Fuguo : 1993-1999
#Tian Chengping : 1999-2005
#Zhang Baoshun : 2005-incumbent

List of Governors of Shanxi

#Cheng Zihua : 1949-1951
#Pei Lisheng : 1950-1951
#Lai Ruoyu : 1951-1952
#Pei Lisheng : 1952-1956
#Wang Shiying : 1956-1958
#Wei Heng : 1958-1965
#Wang Qian : 1965-1967
#Liu Geping : 1967-1971
#Xie Zhenhua : 1971-1975
#Wang Qian : 1975-1979
#Luo Guibo : 1979-1983
#Wang Senhao : 1983-1992
#Hu Fuguo : 1992-1993
#Sun Wensheng : 1993-1999
#Liu Zhenhua : 1999-2004
#Zhang Baoshun : 2004-2005
#Yu Youjun : 2005-2007
#Meng Xuenong : 2007.09-2008.09
# : 2008.09-present

List of Chairmen of Shanxi People's Congress

#Ruan Posheng : 1979-1988
#Wang Tingdong : 1988-1993
#Lu Gongxun : 1993-2003
#Tian Chengping : 2003-2005
#Zhang Baoshun : 2006-incumbent

List of Chairmen of Shanxi Committee

#Tao Lujia : 1955-1965
#Wei Heng : 1965-1967
#Wang Qian : 1977-1979
#Zheng Lin : 1979-1983
#Wu Guangtang : 1983-1985
#Li Xiuren : 1985-1993
#Wang Maolin : 1993
#Hu Fuguo : 1994-1995
#Guo Yuhuai : 1995-2000
#Tian Chengping : 2000-2001
#Zheng Shekui : 2001-2003
#Liu Zemin : 2003-incumbent

List of prisons in Shanxi province

This is a list of prisons within Shanxi province of the People's Republic of China.
* Changzhi Prison
* Datong Prison
* Fenyang Prison
* Huozhou Prison
* Jincheng Prison
* Jinzhong Prison
* Linfen Prison
* Lucheng Prison
* Pingyao Prison
* Prov. No. 2 Prison
* Prov. No. 5 Prison
* Prov. No. 6 Prison
* Quwo Prison
* Shanxi Women’s Prison
* Taiyuan No.1 Prison
* Taiyuan No. 2 Prison
* Taiyuan No. 3 Prison
* Xinzhou Prison
* Yangquan No.1 Prison
* Yangquan No.2 Prison
* Yongji Prison
* Yuanping Prison